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 Welcome To my website!



Hello, Thank you for taking your time to check out my website, I really appreciate it!

Any user helps, and it benefits you too! 


Basic Information


I, CosmicSpectre, am a active gamer who likes to play games for the fun and challenges it has, not to be the best.

I am a funny guy to be around with, and I am sure I will make you laugh in my videos.


Prizes and Shoutouts


Would you like to have a shoutout and be on my website for a week? More information will be posted when the website hits 20 users!



Gaming Lobbies


I play mostly computer and Xbox, my main gamertag and username is: 

Xbox:  darkless313

PC:  CosmicSpectre

Steam: darkless313

So, make sure you say Hi when you see me, and give me a friend request!





I update my website every week, so you beautiful people can stay updated on what I am currently playing, and what Im going to play in the future, so stay tuned and subscribe to my weekly Newsletter! 





Make sure you check out "News" and "events" in the Navigation bar to be updated with tournaments and events that we organise for you! 

Become a member to subscribe to my newsletter and keep updated.

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